Meet Our Founder - Aleksandra Kokoszko

Aleksandra Kokoszko, the driving force behind AK Academy, is a woman deeply passionate about the beauty industry. With a spark ignited early on in her life, she transformed her enthusiasm into a thriving business dedicated to empowering others with knowledge and skills.

AK Academy Courses

A Passion For Beauty

Aleksandra’s journey in the beauty sector began out of a profound interest. The complexity of skincare and beauty procedures intrigued her, and she was inspired to delve deeper. This led to a journey of discovery and learning that eventually translated into AK Academy.

The Journey to AK Academy

Established with a goal of helping aspiring beauty professionals excel in their careers, AK Academy is the result of Aleksandra’s relentless pursuit of her passion. She has poured her heart into creating a learning environment that is both nurturing and challenging, ensuring that her students are equipped to shine in the competitive beauty industry.

Fuelled by Satisfaction and Joy

The joy and satisfaction that Aleksandra derives from her work are unparalleled. Every day at AK Academy is a new opportunity to inspire, educate, and shape the future of the beauty industry. Her devotion to her students’ success is palpable, making her not just an excellent teacher, but a mentor and guide.

The Future of AK Academy

Looking ahead, Aleksandra intends to continually evolve and grow, staying on the pulse of the latest beauty trends and advancements. Committed to delivering high-quality, accredited beauty training courses, she is excited about the future of AK Academy and the successes that it holds for her students.

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